Responsibility code

LLÁSCARA certifies that all our services follow a code of responsibility, sustainability, good habits, care and respect for the environment, the rural spaces and the people.

Responsibility, support, cooperation and respect of all living things are the aims of our work in LLÁSCARA:

1. Helping to protect and respect nature as a whole.We minimize all impacts!

We try not to interfere with the normal development of the rural area and animal life, respecting the most restricted and protected areas.

During a visit to a natural environment, we carry a bag or container where to throw the waste we generate or find along the way. Protect the environment!

Although it may seem harmless or biodegradable, waste, can cause serious disturbances in the natural environment. THEY ARE BIO-DISAGREEABLE!

Teach, but do not collect. No flowers or plants we started because we endanger their survival in the area, nor other biotic or abiotic elements (for example fossils). Let those who come after you can enjoy nature. PHOTOGRAPHY!

We do not walk away from the trails or marked trails. These actions could damage the vegetation cover by excessive trampling, contributing to increased erosion. In a natural environment the only trace that you leave your foot is

We foster care watercourses and sources, and their associated biodiversity. The Earth is lacking in water.

2. Preserving the rural ecosystem and population that custody these territories

We must protect and respect the environment, but we must also respect and care for the people around us.

Our purpose is to contribute to rural development in order to maintain the rural inhabited and livable spaces. In addition, we teach respect to traditional economic activities.

We instill respect for the rural population. The inhabitants of rural areas have a deep knowledge and varied natural environment. These people can play a key role in the management of natural resources. In addition are the best guides and interpreters of the territory. The history of nations is embedded throughout the environment, and they know very well. It is their story.

3. Ensure that local people participate in all activities and for direct economic benefits from our presence

In our travels, we always select accommodations, businesses or services that contribute to sustainable development of the territory. This action benefits fair trade and local enrichment.

We patronize the culinary or artisan heritage of the areas we visited, stimulating the economic development of the area we visited, helping to promote their products. The traveler has the opportunity to know the value and quality of genuine handmade products: see, taste, feel, hear, touch and smell.

4. Stimulate knowledge and respect for heritage

We inspire the knowledge and respect for all cultural and natural heritage that we visited: ethnographic ensembles, archaeological sites, paleontological sites, natural monuments, Romanesque or Romanesque monuments, caves, and other spaces, places or monuments, with a cultural or natural interest.

Cultural heritage is not limited to material creations. There are societies that have focused their knowledge and techniques as well as the memory of their ancestors, in the oral tradition. The rituals, lifestyles, traditional medicine, popular religion and traditional technologies of our land up popular culture, different languages, music, traditional musical instruments, religious dances and festive dances, costumes, kitchen, myths, legends, games, etc..

Our purpose, based on geotourism, is that people learn to value and care for something that is part of the people, and that we get, together, to continue to live.

5. To promote tolerance with the destination, in a political, social and cultural way

From LLÁSCARA, we only ask you that you show patience and understanding in situations that, depending on your schemes of life, may seem strang. Respect the lifestyle of local people.

6. Supporting local populations by providing direct benefits

Sustainable tourism is a type of start-up environmental and socially committed, which is causing a low impact on the environment and local culture, while helping to generate income and employment for the population.

From LLÁSCARA, we give priority to local businesses, committed to sustainable development, thus they continue to contribute to the enrichment and strengthening of rural areas. Thanks to these synergies ensures that rural areas are kept in good condition, always favoring people who live in this area.

LLÁSCARA aims to directly support the areas in which it works, collaborating with local associations or entities whose activity is consistent with our values and commitments in its scope. This support may be, for example, with donations to severely impoverished areas to development of the community or providing materials, even with technical advice and assistance in disseminating information or sponsorship donations.

LLÁSCARA strongly believes in collaboration and cooperation among all people to contribute to improve the quality of life of the territories and achieve the common good of everyone.


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