What is Lláscara?


According to the Asturian language dictionary (DALLA) a LLÁSCARA is:

“A stone, not loose, hovering on the floor”

“A flat stone with an even surface”

“Stone easily breaks along parallel planes”

“An area covered in this kind of stone.”


This word has given rise to numerous toponyms throughout the Asturian region, revealing how nature, culture and tradition are closely related.

This name sums up a feeling of love for a territory, and the desire to spread not only the natural heritage, but also the cultural one, including traditions, music, folklore, mythology, gastronomy, agriculture and livestock, and other popular knowledge. Lláscara is a small corner where we can meet ourselves back with our own roots, and defend all the aspects that make a territory unique and authentic. A space where we can one again become indigenous of our towns and villages.

This blog has been created by Verónica Álvarez Cachafeiro, and aims to be a meeting point for all those people who love their territories, their landscapes, their biodiversity, their geodiversity and their farming community. A space to talk about sustainability, environment, rural development, agroecology, sustainable tourism and ecotourism.


Welcome to Lláscara!


“Many small people, in small places, doing small things, can change the world” (Eduardo Galeano)




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