Who I am?

My name is Verónica Álvarez Cachafeiro and I have a degree in Geology, Master in Environmental Geology and Natural Hazards and Superior Technician in Integral Quality Management, Environment and Work Risk Prevention.

Since I finished my degree I have been specializing in Sustainability, Environment, Ecotourism and Rural Development. I have worked in several environmental projects, always valuing and defending the natural heritage of each territory, but also the cultural heritage associated with rural populations: traditions, gastronomy and ethnography, preserved thanks to the work of rural communities.

In addition, I have been developed several Ecotourism, Sustainable Tourism and Environmental Education programs, always with the aim of ensuring that the direct benefits of tourism remain in the territories visited. The basis of these projects has been to promote rural development, and that the participants in it not to be a destructive entity of the natural and rural landscape, but also that they discover and become more aware with the values of the region visited and the farming community.




If you wish know more about me: https://www.linkedin.com/in/veronica-alvarez-cachafeiro/

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